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HV Wooding has always been at the forefront of Motor Laminations manufacture and today we are using the latest Wire Erosion, Laser Cutting and Stamping technology – we purchased our first Wire Erosion machine in 1983, with auto wire feed and was the first machine to this specification in the UK. Since then, we have supplied motor laminations to a wide spectrum of industry sectors.

Full Support Service

We currently produce numerous laminations as regular production items; however, some parts require the level of accuracy that only the wire erosion process can provide while other applications can be Laser cut in very quick lead-times.  Some applications start as a wire eroded part and move through a development phase of laser cutting and end up being produced using metal pressing techniques. HV Wooding is able to provide a full support service; from initial samples through to volume production.

Over many years we have developed a high level of competence in this area and are able to offer customers expert support on the choice of materials and tolerances. We also provide material certification and full-dimensional reports.

Lamination stacks and wound assemblies are also offered to customers who wish to outsource this activity. Currently, we are supplying assembled stacks using mechanical, laser welding and glueing technologies.

  • Motor laminations for aerospace
  • Wire eroded laminations for Motorsport industry
  • Laser cut/Wire eroded/Pressed laminations for Hybrid / Electrical Vehicles
  • Laser cut/Wire EDM machining of laminations for multiple universities
  • Motor laminations for Military / defence industries
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