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“Hybrid Drivetrain” for Motorsport and Transportation applications

A Global manufacturer of “Hybrid Drivetrain” for Motorsport and Transportation applications. A key market for flywheel energy storage technology is the public transport sector. This technology can save fuel and reduce green house gas emissions by up to 30% in a city bus for example.


  • Design/Manufacture Tooling for Laminations from 0.1mm electrical steel.
  • Demanding tolerances – sub 30 microns
  • Prototyping solutions needed to be fit for producing volume.
  • Burr free requirement in stamping process


  • Develop supply chain for raw material.
  • Agree geometry of lamination profile.
  • Produce prototype samples from Wire Erosion.
  • Design and build complex compound tooling for volume production
  • “Develop catcher unit” to remove part from tooling
  • Contact CMM program for in-process inspection.

Brief description of what difference we made… immediately and longer-term:

  1. Delivered high quality Lamination to specification
  2. Developed cost effective process for volume production.
  3. Created a material supply chain that did not exist.
  4. Provided the customer with the first Laminations of its type.

Added Value

  1. Established a clear competitive advantage for the customer in this field of technology.
  2. Optimised future product scope, provided the platform for next-generation product, establishing a successful route of manufacture.
  3. Enhanced the customers Supply Chain by introducing other organisations that could add value to the project.


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