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Electric Motors

H V Wooding are leading manufacturers of Motor Laminations, core pack assemblies and bonded stacks supported by nearly 40 years of wire erosion services.

Adding value to our customers by optimising the design and manufacturing of complex Motor Laminations and Core Packs, utilising state of the art processes we are able to achieve the most demanding tolerances in a range of Silicon Steels and Cobalt materials.

HV Wooding has been supporting this sector for nearly 40 years by offering Motor Lamination production using Wire EDM, Laser Cutting and Stamping Technologies.

Motor Laminations manufactured to your specification. Loose, or bonded. All electrical steel grades. Wire erosion, Laser Cutting UK Supporting the aerospace & motorsport industries for over 40 years manufacturing Motor Laminations, busbars and components.

Our core activity in this arena is focused around demanding and complex high end motor applications where we are able to offer customers years of experience in working with a wide range of materials and complex geometries to achieve the demands of the new generation industries.

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    We would like to thank you once again for the contribution that you have made towards our success in the 2018 Formula One season, allowing us to win the fifth World Championship title in a row.

    This year’s Championship has been both challenging and exciting at the same time and we could not have achieved these results with out your hard work, dedication and support.

    Please pass our personal thanks to each and every one in your teach who has contributed to this success.

    — A Cowell, MD, Mercedes AMG HPP

    It quickly became apparent that the team at HV Wooding were capable of really adding to the performance of the components we were developing.  They were not content with just providing what was initially required, they wanted to optimise both price and performance 

    — Glen Kirby, CERN

    We are very pleased with the outcome of this new assembly, and the quality of the item you have delivered is excellent. It would seem the effort put into modelling it has really paid off. What I was hoping to achieve was a reduction in component count, weight and cost and we have achieved all of these. Consolidation of 5 main parts and their related fasteners into this one item. Weight reduction from 13kg down to 6kg! The cost reduction is also significant!

    — Ring Automotive Ltd