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Electroplating services

HV Wooding offers an in-house tin, zinc, and silver electroplating facility, allowing for a heightened level of quality control and improving the quality and performance of the finished product. Our electroplating facility includes both rack & barrel to suit your project.

In addition to the aesthetic qualities, benefits include stabilisation of electrical contact, prevention against corrosion and optimising tribology. Our team can offer advice and assistance on the optimum coating for your project.

Specialists in sub-con electroplating. Experienced in-house electroplating services. HV Wooding has been Electroplating for many years.

Electroplating Services include:

  • Tin Rack & Barrel Plating
  • Silver Rack & Barrel Plating
  • Zinc Rack & Barrel Plating


At H V Wooding, we have our own laboratory for maintaining chemical plating solutions, complimented by our advanced X-ray facilities to ensure we are providing the correct dimensional and quality specifications.

Our quality department ensures that all plating is carried out to the highest standards. You can view our latest Plant List here.

Contact our team today to discuss your Electroplating needs.

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