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Science & Research – CERN

A twin-aperture, 10 m long, prototype magnet was designed by CERN to gain experience in the construction of full scale twin-aperture Dipole Magnets. HV Wooding were given the task to produce the Twin-aperture Dipole magnet Laminations.


  • Produce 380 off Twin-aperture Dipole magnet Laminations in the required lead-time.
  • Achieve tolerances down to 4-8 microns.
  • Engineer a competitive solution (Fully wire eroded parts would be very expensive).


  • Identify critical features through discussions with CERN physicists.
  • Develop a route of manufacture using multiple processes depending on dimensional tolerance.
  • Design and manufacture wire erosion fixtures for pre Lasered parts.
  • The process was to Laser-cut profile, fully deburr, wire eroded critical features and final CNC machine.


  • Delivered high-quality conforming product within budget.
  • This route of manufacture is now considered state of art for application.
  • CERN has a proven method of manufacture for prototype Laminations.
  • 4.Highly impressive Magnet performance and test results resulting from the accuracy of these Laminations.

Added value

  • Have a standard procedure in place for evaluating future design iterations of Dipole Magnets.
  • CERN is able to further evaluate Magnet/Lamination requirements before committing to substantial tooling investment.
  • Innovative solution, reduced timeframe with lower investment.


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