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High Volume of Metal Stampings and Busbars

Our solution to your High volume opportunity

A leading Global manufacturer of Electrical Automation and Control Solutions have a high volume of Metal Stampings and Busbars used within their product groups. These include regular repeat items and also spot ordered parts that are delivered to multiple locations.


  • High volume of unique part numbers.
  • Challenging lead-time requirements (next day delivery).
  • Numerous processes including Stamping, Laser, Forming, Tin, Silver & Zinc Electroplating, Assembly, Welding etc.
  • Multiple ordering methods.
  • Delivery performance greater than 98% OTIF


  • Project Management approach
  • Detailed evaluation of lead-time, batch size and delivery frequency.
  • Implement Consignment stock, Kanban & VMI where required.
  • HV Wooding developed “Buffer Management System” to schedule work and prioritise production.
  • Operate internal target stock levels.
  • All processes in house.

Brief description of what difference we made… immediately and longer-term:

  1. Lead-times and batch sizes reduced
  2. High reliability of delivery and quality performance.
  3. Improved ordering process, reduced invoice/admin cost
  4. HV Wooding has all manufacturing in-house – more responsive supplier.

Added Value

  1. Significantly improving customers own service levels by delivering 99% “on time in full” with 150 PPM quality performance.
  2. Reduced bottom line costs of the whole ordering and invoice process by 30% through consignment stock and supplier reduction.
  3. Future benefits of year on year cost savings – long term framework agreement in place.


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