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Electric Vehicle boost for HVW

Having been given a glimpse of a potential future should we make the switch to Electric Vehicles – with less air pollution and improved air quality being documented during the COVID-19 lockdown – more buyers are realising the benefits of moving away from petrol and diesel cars.

Lower carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and methane emissions have been reported in cities worldwide. In the UK, new data reveals nitrogen dioxide pollution has almost halved in London, Cardiff, Birmingham and Bristol.

23% of global carbon emissions are from Transport and driving is by far the largest element of that, contributing 72% of these emissions. With this in mind, major manufacturers are looking at half their vehicle sales being electric by 2025 as they look to meet emissions reductions targets.

Nothing is certain in the current climate, however all signs show that despite an overall slowdown in the automotive sector, electric and hybrid vehicles have seen far greater resilience and are set for growth quicker than expected with manufacturers being influenced by Government and the changing attitude of buyers.

H V Wooding manufacture Motor Laminations/Assemblies and Busbars for Electric and Hybrid vehicles and are able to assist in design and technical support for such projects. Our bonded stacks allow the production of material down to 0.1mm using a wide range of cobalt irons & silicon steels.  Our state-of-the-art Charmilles wire erosion machines use the latest digital generator technology for improved cutting speed, surface finish and accuracy whilst minimising recast layer. Our Laser cutting and stamping capabilities allow volume production.

The boost we see in the EV Sector demonstrates how the multiple manufacturing methods available at H V Wooding benefit many sectors at this time. Other areas seeing an increase include the Medical sector – which includes the manufacture of ventilator components and the Data Centre sector including the manufacture of urgent Busbars for switchboards. distribution boards, battery banks and IT infrastructure.

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