Wire Erosion Sectors

Serving all sectors of Wire Erosion


HVW have been supplying F1 for over 20 years, applications include Motor Laminations used in Rotors for kinetic recovery systems. Other High-performance vehicles applications such as segmented pole pieces, rotor and stator lams/stacks for oil pump generators/rotors. Also supplying Formula E Motors and MOTO E.


We are F4N approved and supplying several research organisations such as CERN, CEA Saclay and Brookhaven Institute with Yokes and Collars for Superconducting Magnets. Also, complex wire eroding for “High temperature semiconductors”.

Oil & Gas

Core packs for deep hole drilling are wire eroded from bonded electrical steels, other applications - filters for Valve applications to energy industries. including subsea, LNG and power. services and products to the subsea gas and oil industry.


We are producing over 325,000 components for the sector including components for surgical electrodes, respiratory heater plates, medical & spinal implants. Manufacturing techniques for prototype and volume production.


General Precision Engineering, including Prototype, Pre-Production, Volume Manufacturing, Press Tool Making, Mould Tool Making, Jigs, Fixtures etc. Extrusion dies, Cams and Gears.

Aerospace & Defence

Motors/Generators/Actuators – Cobalt, Nickel Irons, Silicon Steels next-generation electric planes and heat exchangers. Wire erosion of Laminations and Core Packs, using various coated electrical steels with pre and post bonded applications

Science & Research

CERN – Yokes & Collars Large Magnets. Fusion UK - Research and Innovation (UKRI) through the Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Satellite applications. Universities & Research institutes. We are combining multiple machining to provide the best tolerance and commercial solutions.

Electric Vehicles

Optimising customer solutions for Motor Laminations/Assemblies. Projects include Sport/High performance/transportation. Laminations/Core Packs for Motor/Drivetrains on Delivery vehicles, Truck applications and next-generation cars, taxis and public transport.

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