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Adding value to our customers

As an established company trading for 50 years we have grown together with our customers, invested in state of the art equipment and developed our business to support the changing needs of our customers.

A key part of our business success has been our ability to work closely with our customers, our objective is to understand customer needs and become the partner of choice by supporting manufacturing and also managing external supply chains. We have been fortunate enough to work with our customers in multiple scenarios where we have offered the support and solution needed to relocate their manufacturing to HV Wooding. This has enabled our customers to refocus their attention on what is core to them as well as offering cost out solutions and savings.

Technical support can be provided on manufacturing route, material selection and design assistance to help our customers optimise their product offering.

CASE STUDY on how we supported the design and manufacturing solution of Laminate Sections for a Permanent Magnet Generator.

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