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HV Wooding have been trading over 50 years. We specialise in Busbar Manufacture, and Motor Laminations, stacks and rotors. Services include Wire Erosion, Laser Cutting, CNC Machining, Presswork & Tooling, Assembely and Electroplating.

Need engineering expertise?

Engineering Expertise for Power Generation and Distribution, Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles, Power Conversion, HVDC & Electrical Switchgear Applications

We have been an integral supplier to the Energy sector for 50 years and as such have developed our core services and activities to support this changing and diverse sector. Power Generation & Distribution and Electrical Switchgear remain key platforms for HV Wooding together with the newer developments in Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles, Power Conversion and HVDC applications.

CASE STUDY on how we provided a solution for the manufacture of Laminate Assemblies for a Global manufacturer in the Renewables Sector producing the next generation of Tidal Turbines.

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