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Strategic Partnerships to Facilitate Design & Technical Improvements

During our 50 years of being in manufacturing we have seen many changes, our focus in more recent years is all about providing value to our customers. By working strategically with our core customers we have facilitated design and technical improvements resulting in major commercial benefits for our customers.

Increasingly our services go beyond the supply of quality components and assemblies, the needs of different business sectors vary considerably and therefore the solutions are often unique to individual customers. At HV Wooding we have developed agile and flexible systems to support a wide range of manufacturing and logistical requirements, this combined with taking responsibility for outside supply chains makes us an ideal partner.

Our selection of Case Studies describe some of the added value services we offer our customers – and our services page describes our manufacturing methods available.


A Continuous Improvement Culture

Achievement of these standards demonstrates H V Wooding’s commitment to continually improving their products and services.

Following an extensive company-wide audit , delayed due to the covid pandemic, Systems Administrator Trish Matthews made the announcement to staff who had worked tirelessly to ensure standards are kept throughout the difficult times the pandemic caused.

We thank all staff for their combined effort in achieving reaccreditation of these standards.

Quality is key 

Sectors as diverse as the medical and surgical industries, renewable energy companies, the motorsport industry and the aviation industry can’t afford to make mistakes in prototyping or manufacture. The major names across these industries and others are select in the companies they work with. If your business requires precision manufacture of the highest calibre, you can rely on H V Wooding – a name that that the largest brands trust. Our focus on quality, customer service and innovation are just some of the reasons companies such as Schneider Electric, Honeywell, Rolls Royce and GE Renewables have worked with us for over 40 years.

Improved scheduling
This revolutionary system improves every aspect of our manufacturing services, from operations to production control and sales. It enables us to schedule all manufacturing operations in line with priority loading systems and determines quickly what lead times we can offer customers.

Live data capture
Buffer management, combined with our shop floor data capture system, gives us the ability to inform you, more or less immediately, precisely where your product is at any point during the manufacturing cycle.

Higher delivery standards
To help us achieve and maintain our outstanding delivery performance, we also use an innovative management practice called Theory of Constraints*. This enables us to pinpoint and eliminate any constraints that may adversely affect service levels.

Our state-of-the-art metrology department is equipped with advanced CNC co-ordinate measuring machines and computerised SPC equipment that enhance our ability to guarantee the highest quality products.  Adoption of modern manufacturing techniques, such as LEAN, FMEAs and PPAP helps us maintain sustainable improvement throughout our production and business processes and ensures consistent component quality.

Our policy of ongoing investment and diversification enables us to respond quickly and cost-effectively to customers’ changing needs and to continue to provide the type of quality components and customer service required in modern-day manufacturing.

As a customer-focused business operating in a highly competitive marketplace, we recognise the need for continuous improvement and innovative ideas. HV Wooding are delighted to be reaccredited to the ISO9001:2015 and 14001:2015. We have also implemented internal management systems, developing our own unique Buffer Management System to enhance manufacturing performance and delivery.

In order to support the variety of activity and business sectors we have developed our own “Integrated Management System” which incorporates all of our ISO and OHSAS accreditations. This is further enhanced by individual customer audits and approvals. Our objective is to meet all customer demands through the use of flexible and dynamic production and quality systems.


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