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Motor Laminations and Core Packs

Adding value to our customers by optimising the design and manufacturing of complex Motor Laminations and Core Packs, utilising state of the art processes we are able to achieve the most demanding tolerances in a range of Silicon Steels and Cobalt materials.

Motor Laminations manufactured to your specification. Loose, or bonded. All electrical steel grades. Wire erosion, Laser Cutting UK Supporting the aerospace & motorsport industries for over 40 years manufacturing Motor Laminations, busbars and components.

HV Wooding has been supporting Motor lamination projects for nearly 40 years using Wire EDM, Laser Cutting and Stamping Technologies.

We are able to offer options in the production of bonded lamination stacks using both pre and post bonding techniques to suit customer requirements. Leaders in this area of technology, we are able to offer added value to your project.

Pre-bonded wire eroded stacks are frequently used for prototyping and initial testing. We are able to scale this up utilising laser cutting and stamping methods and post bonding to suit customer requirements.

Our core activity in this arena is focused around demanding and complex high end motor applications where we are able to offer customers years of experience in working with a wide range of materials and complex geometries to achieve the demands of the new generation industries.

We are constantly investing to ensure we offer the latest technologies and reduce lead times. In 2020/2021 we have invested in a new Laser Cutting machine and High speed Press to boost further our production capabilities.

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