HV Wooding your partners in production

HV Wooding have been trading over 50 years. We specialise in Busbar Manufacture, and Motor Laminations, stacks and rotors. Services include Wire Erosion, Laser Cutting, CNC Machining, Presswork & Tooling, Assembely and Electroplating.

Looking for a strategic partner?

Strategic Partnerships to Facilitate Design & Technical Improvements

During our 50 years of being in manufacturing we have seen many changes, our focus in more recent years is all about providing value to our customers. By working strategically with our core customers we have facilitated design and technical improvements resulting in major commercial benefits for our customers.

Increasingly our services go beyond the supply of quality components and assemblies, the needs of different business sectors vary considerably and therefore the solutions are often unique to individual customers. At HV Wooding we have developed agile and flexible systems to support a wide range of manufacturing and logistical requirements, this combined with taking responsibility for outside supply chains makes us an ideal partner. 

CASE STUDY on how we helped a leading international manufacturer of Electrical Accessories to refocus business attention on their core competencies by providing logistical and commercial benefits by the out sourcing of their Metal Pressings to HV Wooding.

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