Ventilator Challenge UK

Written by Matt Lacey on 08th April 2020

HV Wooding in the news #UKVentilatorchallenge

HV Wooding are proud to be a part of the #VentilatorChallengeUK consortium. This consortium, alongside the likes of Airbus, BAE, Ford, Siemens and Rolls Royce are manufacturing vital ventilators to assist with the current pandemic – saving lives across the UK. So far we have offered the sourcing of Aluminium, offered Fibre laser cutting, machining, deburring, forming, PEM inserts, despatch and delivery of components to assist in this urgent cause.

Click here to watch a news report on HV Wooding and their work during the pandemic. 

We are in the fortunate position of having experience in the production of components such as heater plates for humidifiers which are used on respiratory humidifiers used within the health sector. As an established business, we have the technical expertise and supply chain in place to help in this national emergency and are pleased to be able to offer such assistance. The national effort is assisting in the production of thousands of ventilators to aid patients with breathing difficulties due to pneumonia from COVID-19. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the government had asked suppliers to build "as many ventilators as they can.
Established for over 50 years, HV Wooding offers an unrivalled wealth of engineering resources, skills and experience with a team of 80 people over multi-sited facilities offering a comprehensive range of services around precision metal parts and assemblies encompassing everything from design assistance and prototyping through to the assembly and testing of finished products.
Since the pandemic, we have had a surge of enquiries as supply chains are adversely affected. UK buyers that may have sourced from Europe, India and China are increasingly nervous with regard to the supply chain. Many are realising that not only is there more security and control on the physical shipping and delivery of the end product, but often costs savings are made with newly available manufacturing methods and technologies.