The beginnings of wind power

Written by HV Wooding on 30th October 2014

The beginnings of wind power

Wind Power has been harvested by windmills and sails for two millennia but the first use of an electrical-generating ‘wind turbine’ was in 1887.  In the UK, the first electrical generating windmill was installed in July 1887, Glasgow Scotland by Professor James Blythe.

The UK gained its first onshore wind farm in 1991 just off the coast of Cornwall, it consisted of 10 turbines generating enough energy for 2700 homes. In 2003, the UK’s first offshore wind farm was open in North Hoyle Wales.

Wind power has been in the UK for 126 years and has been growing in size, capacity and interest. The thumbnail picture shows the massive change in sizes the wind turbines have seen over the last 10-20 years, this again shows the amount of research and investment that has been put in to this sector of renewable energy. Further to this is that HVW has just been awarded a 50% share of the current market demand in Control systems for wind turbines.

This current project has seen us dedicate a clean area environment in order for the production of the control system as well as a large investment in the necessary machinery and capacity in order to run it.