Technological advances are supported by our core competencies

Written by HV Wooding on 12th May 2015

Here at HV Wooding we are constantly assessing the market and trying to support ever growing Technological advances  within Industry. We are a highly skilled engineering company and as such strive to support varying technologies and their requirements.

We have EHRT machines that enable us to offer cost-effective high-quality punched Busbars in materials like copper, aluminum and steel.  3 Axis machining centers primarily used for drilling, profiling and Jig Boring of components. We also have a designated ‘ Miscellaneous’ section which is utilized mainly for secondary operations such as Dot marking allowing for customized unique identification. These are just a few of our resources available to our customers.

We have also seen the ‘standard’ Busbar develop past complex forms, unique studding and bespoke slots into requests for Diameter bar, non-standardised materials such as Cuponal and Sleeving/ potting of sections or all of the Busbar. Where we can we try and support this and have invested accordingly for instance our recent purchase of the Nexus Quickturn Lathe which is ideal for turning diameter bar. The purchase of the DS60 HV Plus which is used in the Ring rolling of materials such as Copper section.  Our Investment has continued onto our expansion of our facilities square footage. This has allowed us to upgrade our plating lines, set designated cell/ areas for projects and increase our capabilities and area available for sub-assemblies and assemblies including supporting operations such as Brazing and Welding.