Supporting Customers With Data Centre Solutions

Written by HV Wooding on 05th May 2016

Supporting Customers With Data Centre Solutions

HV Wooding has always been active in the supply of Busbars to manufacturers of Switchgear & Racks within the Data Centre market sector. This year we visited the Data Centre World exhibition at Excel London to meet with some long standing customers and also to introduce ourselves to other companies who could benefit from our wide range of services offered to the sector.

The recent growth and developments in the sector often necessitates the need to work in smaller areas while at the same time maximising Power, a unique service we offer is that of “Edge Bending” Copper.

This process effectively forms the material across the width of the Busbar providing customers with reduced assembly times, fewer part numbers, lower cost, lower space requirement and importantly the ability to meet the end user requirements.

Another area that has provided flexibility, improved connection and cost benefits is the utilisation of “Endless Loop Busbars” these can be used as an alternative to Braided Busbars and can be produced to customer specification without the need for special materials.

These special technical solutions have evolved through understanding and focusing on our customer needs, another real requirement for the sector is quick lead-times for conventional Busbars. At HV Wooding we have systems in place that enable quick process speeds to turnaround major projects. An example of this is a recent project where we provided 33 Tonnes of bespoke Copper Busbars to multiple locations in UK, Sweden, US and Canada all within a 1 -2 week process time.

Whether the requirement is for a one off project or repeat parts within a Data Centre upgrade/development we are able to offer you the support and assistance to help you make a success of your project.

Our technical team would be pleased to discuss your requirements and would welcome the opportunity to visit your business to fully understand your needs, for further information or to arrange a meeting please contact us on 01303 264471 or email us at