Reshoring opportunities for UK Manufacture

Written by Matt Lacey on 15th February 2021

The Sunday Times

A snippet in The Sunday Times Business pages yesterday on the 'Winners and losers' of Brexit. Brexit was always going to raise concerns in the Manufacturing industry. Occurring amid a Worldwide Pandemic, these concerns were only heightened.

At HV Wooding Limited we have found that Brexit has opened up new opportunities. Our order book grew rapidly in the build-up as customers stocked up their inventories in case of significant disruption.

We also began to receive enquiries from buyers who, concerned about the impact on supply chain (through both Brexit and the Pandemic), are now realising the benefits of UK based manufacture, including quality, lead time, lower minimum quantities, delivery time and flexibility. There are often cost savings to be made with newly available manufacturing methods and technologies. There is also the Carbon footprint benefit.

Brexit and the Pandemic opened a window of opportunity while buyers considered their options and looked for a safety net. Those same buyers are now seeing reshoring as a preferred choice. I hope that this trend is the same for others in the industry and that buyers give UK Manufacturers the chance to show off the benefits of bringing manufacturing back to the UK.

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