Renewable Energy use to increase by 2030

Written by HV Wooding on 30th October 2014

The European Union aim is to boost the use of renewable energy to 27% in the total energy mix by 2030, these renewables includes: wind, air, tidal, heat and nuclear.

This is due to aiming to rely less on oil and gas imports especially since the tension between EU and Russia regarding the crisis in the Ukraine. The UK has said it will increase investments for renewable energy but at the moment the UK is looking towards shale gas and nuclear as alternatives to the current over-reliance on imports.

As mentioned above we have seen an increase in the renewable energy business in HV Wooding with in the wind power sector. To add to this we have recently won a contract to produce four tidal rotors based on a new design which we have aided with throughout the negotiation process. This is our first step into the tidal sector of renewable energy.