Our transition to the 2015 versions of the ISO quality and environmental standards

Written by HV Wooding on 21st March 2018

Our ISO & OHSAS standards

It was a strategic decision by the board to continually develop our integrated management system (IMS) to help the overall performance of HV Wooding Ltd and accreditation to the newer versions of the ISO quality and environmental standards is the basis for the sustainable development of the company. At the same time as the transition audit from the 2008 standard to the latest version 2015 we were reaccredited to OHSAS18001 and are currently working towards transition to ISO45001:2018

The updated versions of the standards has made us take a good hard look at the external and internal environment of the company giving us a practical understanding of the management, control and the improvement of our business, and with risk lying at the heart of the standards it has given us an excellent framework for our long term success and customer satisfaction, whilst meeting our statutory and regulatory requirements. 

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