Multi-disciplined Assembly Project

Written by HV Wooding on 12th May 2015

Multi-disciplined Assembly Project

HV Wooding Limited has recently completed a large scale assembly project for an off-shore renewable energy application, initially approached by our customer to support a prototype build for testing. The opportunity then lead to an initial order for the value of £250k requiring the use of a number of our core processes including:

  • Wire Erosion – Proto-type Unit
  • Design (3D Solid Works) – Assisting with customer design.
  • Tool Design – Press Tooling
  • Metal Pressings – Lamination components
  • Machining – Use of CNC Milling & Turning
  • Design & Manufacture of Assembly Machine
  • Mechanical Assembly & Welding
  • Finishing

The project required the production of a segmented Lamination assembly and the first part of the program was the initial design review with customer that considered all manufacturing elements as well as the functionality of the end unit. We agreed the parameters and produced a sample unit using “Wire Erosion” to produce the components in question, this process does not require any up-front investment in tooling and therefore ideal for proving the early design. These parts were assembled at HV Wooding before undergoing high level testing with the customer.

This unit was subsequently approved and we received the next commitment for 300 units, each unit contained over 700 individual components and a “Press Tool” was designed and manufactured at HV Wooding to produce the laminations from electrical steel material. Owing to the nature of the application these had to be assembled between machined components to exacting tolerances and with the pressed part measuring nearly 950mm in length this was a highly technical task.

A special purpose machine was manufactured for the main assembly process which aligned the components where they were clamped together and welded, with each completed assembly weighing 100 kg this machine had to be robust, rigid and accurate. The final assembly was then finished to withstand the harsh off shore operating conditions.

The project has been a huge success and follow on orders are expected once the real time testing is complete. It was great to undertake a project utilising many or our core competences and control the entire project with in house manufacturing and assembly. The project management of this application together with our technical innovation and manufacturing capability resulted in a project delivered on time in full to the required quality standard.