Laser Cutting Services

Written by HV Wooding on 06th September 2016

Laser Cutting Services

Advantages Of Laser Cutting

Technology today is all about fast manufacturing processes, less material waste and lower production costs which can cut down on energy consumption and help reduce the carbon footprint. One of the most popular cutting methods is performed by a laser. 

Laser cutting has many advantages and is becoming a more widely used method for effective cutting of precision engineered components. 

Here’s a look at some of the advantages of laser cutting in industrial manufacturing applications:

How It Works

Laser cutters are guided by CAD technology to cut designs with absolute precision and 100% accuracy. A CNC machine directs a high-powered laser beam to cut through materials, leaving an exceptionally high-quality finish. 

The beam outline then literally melts away the metal, assisted by a gas mechanism which blasts the heated metal out of the cut area.

Energy Efficiency

The cost effective process involves less manufacturing time and consumes less energy than blanking presses and turret punches, helping to reduce the carbon footprint and making it a preferred method of cutting for precision engineering companies. 


Unlike blanking presses, laser cutting does not involve human intervention so there’s no risk of injuries while the machine is running. There is also no need for tension devices or protection covers when the machine is in use. 

Less Waste

Laser cutting ensures the maximum utilisation of the sheet as no cutting boarder is required. There is also no risk of the material being deformed as the cutting process is contactless. This means there’s less material waste during production.


A laser can cut any strength of material as long as it can be melted of course  we had to make a decisions as the best Laser for us. Our Laser theTrumpf Trulaser 3030 4Kw) that we have invested in can cut the following-

Copper upto 8mm, Brass upto 8mm, Aluminium upto 12mm, Stainless steel upto 20mm and Mild steel upto 25mm.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Turret punches need regular maintenance and costly parts replacements. A laser automatically changes its parts with different programmes. Any parts that need replacing such as lenses and nozzles, are far less expensive than traditional cutting machine parts.  

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