Laser Cutting Copper

Written by Matt Lacey on 14th September 2020

Laser cutting copper

Copper has many advantages in manufacture – including its thermal and electrical conductivity properties and resistance to corrosion. It also holds the ability to be shaped without losing strength. However, coppers inherent refractivity actively works against the laser cutting process by reflecting the laser beam and impeding the process.

As fibre optic technology improves, the most recent laser cutting machines are offering increased power and improved beam focus which can mitigate the refractivity and cut increasingly thick copper materials and simultaneously minimise heat affected zones.

Our Trumpf Trulaser 3030 can cut up to and including 8mm copper and, by utilising gas shielding technology such as nitrogen, can also minimise oxidisation around the cut areas.

From Prototype to volume production, we have the experience and expertise to laser cut copper up to 8mm in thickness. Together with enhanced deburring equipment and our in-house electroplating, we produce the most accurate of parts and sub-assemblies. Applications for this service are wide-ranging including state of the art motor laminations, battery terminals and contacts within the growing hybrid and electric vehicle sector to busbars for power electronics, electrical systems and transportation.