Essential Industrial Services From HV Wooding

Written by HV Wooding on 12th May 2015

Essential Industrial Services From HV Wooding

You can always trust companies that supply to the biggest and the best, and one such company is HV Wooding. As a busbar supplier and wire erosion specialists, HV Wooding apply decades of skill and the latest technologies to manufacture products that keep companies at the top of their game. Here’s a snapshot.

Busbars: Copper, Aluminium, and Cuponal

Aluminium, copper, and cuponal busbar manufacture for the numerous industries has formed the backbone of HV Wooding’s business for 30 years, and their ability to deliver cost effective, high quality busbars, in complex shapes and with minimal waste, has been widely applauded. As well as utilising the latest busbar manufacturing technology, HV Wooding also offers an in-house tin, zinc, and silver electroplating facility, allowing for a heightened level of quality control. The choice in material depends on cost and weight, with aluminium being light, cuponal being inexpensive, and copper being the best for flexible busbars. If you’re looking for busbars, insulators, and earth bars for your business, you’ll find what you need at HV Wooding.

Wire Erosion

When it comes to components for the medical, aerospace, and motor-racing industries, an oversight can mean the difference between life and death. Thankfully, HV Wooding’s fast turnaround never comes at the cost of precision. With components manufactured to three microns tolerance, high-level prototyping, reverse engineering, and volume production is handled with ease. This is largely due to the latest EDM machines with automatic wire feed, submerged cutting ability, and multi-loading capacity.

CNC Machining

For lower to medium level production of your product or prototype, trust the firm that is chosen for CNC Machining by the defence, electrical, automotive,research, motor sport, and aerospace industries. Alongside superior technical support, HV Wooding’s machines offer the latest pendulum bed arrangements, allowing them to be set while operating, and resulting in maximum output.

Sub Assembly

Low risk, cost-effective, and better for business overall. These are the benefits of outsourcing sub-assembly to HV Wooding. From a range of busbar assemblies to mechanical sub assembly, and even general sub assembly across materials, you’ll save money while utilising the tools and expertise of one of Britain’s leading manufacturers.

Presswork and Tooling

Precision tooling requires the latest design software and people who know how to run it. HV Wooding operates advanced and complex SolidWorks 3D CAD software, allowing you to see every step of the process from inception to completion. Meanwhile, HV Wooding can project manage every stage of your presswork, allowing them to turn out high volumes to tight deadlines without compromising quality. This knowledge can only come from a business with 40 years in presswork and tooling.