Coronavirus, Production & Staff welfare update

Written by Matt Lacey on 20th April 2020

As HV Wooding are manufacturing Ventilator parts for the UK consortium, as well as other components for vital projects, we are still running a full production operation as we are classed as a “critical Supplier”.  

To manufacture these parts utilises most of our processes to supply finished goods and as such this leaves us with capacity in almost all areas including:  

Laser Cutting, Fabrication, CNC machining, Wire Erosion, Presswork, Electro plating, CNC EHRT Punching and Sub Assembly


Staff Welfare

At HV Wooding we understand our responsibility to staff. To ensure the safety of our team, we have introduced daily health checks, improved social distancing across our operations, ensured the availability of hand sanitizers, masks and taken numerous other steps to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of our valued team. Staff that are able to complete their duties from home are doing so.