Busbar Manufacturing On The Rise At HV Wooding

Written by HV Wooding on 30th September 2014

Busbar Manufacturing On The Rise At HV Wooding

Busbars used in electrical power distribution such as switchboards, distribution boards and battery banks is now one of HV Wooding’s main business areas and this is still continuing to grow.  A major sector of growth we have recently had with busbars has been due to Facebook.

It might seem odd that a social media site need busbars but due to the ever expanding demand and use of Facebook they have recently invested in building a new data centre in Sweden. Along with this they have also commissioned the design and construction of new bigger and wider racks, than the industry standard of 19”, to hold the busbars. This is due to the high demand that will be placed on the busbars but also it eliminates the need for conventional power cords hopefully leading to a tidy and neat rack.

HV Wooding has won the contract to the supply the busbars for these racks, as it was one of our close customers who won the contract to produces the racks as a whole unit. In the beginning it was a struggle due to the high quality demands but these were mere teething problem as now our customer continues to place more and more orders for these busbars.

Also we are currently work with Culham Science Centre (CCFE) in the refurbishment of their MAST (Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak) this has come in the form of both copper and aluminium busbars. The demand of the project has meant extra per-cautions were developed to ensure the contract worked for us and them. The MAST is a tokamak, these are designed to produce hot plasma similar to that found in the sun and other stars to try and find a way to sustain these ‘mini suns’ and produce energy.

We hope to see the success of these projects lead on to other work with Facebook and CCFE but with other potential customers allowing our business to continue to grow.