Our recent exhibition and technical talk on Advances in Magnetic Manufacturing

Written by HV Wooding on 21st July 2016

Our recent exhibition and technical talk on Advances in Magnetic Manufacturing

On the 6th July we were invited to present a technical paper based on Magnetic manufacturing as part of our association and membership within the Magnet society taking place at the AMRC in Sheffield as well as having the opportunity to exhibit and showcase our multiple manufacturing methods for Magnetic applications.

The seminar covered any manufacturing processes involved in magnetic products, all the way from alloy powders to the finished sub-assembly delivered to the OEM. Talks were around the manufacturing of magnets, manufacturing magnetic assemblies or products using magnets, design considerations using magnets places on product design and manufacture, etc.

Other speakers include:

  • Post Assembly Magnetisation for Permanent Magnet Rotor Manufacture – Presented by Bunting Magnetics Ltd
  • Laser Cutting on the Performance of PM SR machines – Presented by University of Sheffield
  • Comparative Overview of Magnet Materials with FEA Design in Mind – Presented by Eclipse Magnetics Ltd
  • Challenges Associated with Design and High Volume Manufacture of a High Speed PM Motor / Generator – Presented by NEMA Ltd
  • Magnetic Material Characterisation Setup and its Use to Evaluate Effect of Different Manufacturing Methods on the Material Performance – Presented by University of Nottingham
  • Effect of Processing of Soft-Magnetic Alloy Laminates on their Magnetic Properties – Presented by Carpenter Technologies
  • Challenges and Design Considerations in the Production of Electric Motors – Presented by ZF TRW

Our technical paper centered on Manufacturing Magnet Components for CERN and was very well received by all as was our exhibition stand with many examples of superconducting magnets that we have manufactured already for the research industry.

Interested in reading our technical paper on Manufacturing Magnet Components? Click here for the full article.