Our Recent Accreditation To Fit 4 Nuclear

Written by HV Wooding on 07th March 2016

Our Recent Accreditation To Fit 4 Nuclear

We have been working alongside industry leaders in Nuclear energy for over 45 years and pride ourselves on being a solutions provider from design & prototype through to high volume and assembly.

With Nuclear energy being highlighted as key to resolving our current energy crisis, the focus is on an accredited supply chain to the relevant industry standards.

As such, we assigned ourselves the target of becoming accredited to the Fit 4 Nuclear (F4N) programme in collaboration with the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Nuclear AMRC).  The Nuclear AMRC is a collaboration of academic and industrial partners from across the civil nuclear manufacturing supply chain, with the mission of helping UK manufacturers win work at home and worldwide.

Initially, we were asked to complete an online assessment of our in-house operations and supporting documentation which we scored very highly with and got the attention of the F4N group. After submitting further supporting documentation to aid our assessment and a detailed roadmap an on-site audit was the next step. We were delighted with their assessment as we were awarded 99% compliance to the required standards setting HV Wooding as a showcase business and manufacturing leader within the nuclear industry.

It was then with great pleasure that we were awarded our F4N accreditation and used within their organisation as a showcase company offering multiple services to the nuclear industry all within the UK. This will strengthen our position within nuclear and open new opportunities with existing and new customers. One of those opportunities being our confirmed exhibition space at Culham science centre with their Fusion energy expo on the 11th and 12thMay 2016.