A New Year With New Capabilities

Written by Harriet Megson-Wooding on 30th January 2018

Mnaufacturing Growth

2018 is set to continue to see growth in manufacturing requirements, with UK Manufacturing output expanding at its fastest rate since 2008. This growth is largely down to Renewable energy projects, bespoke boats, aeroplane components and cars for export requirements which host a whole range of opportunities from bespoke busbar systems to motor laminations.

We as a subcontractor have specifically seen a sharp increase in enquiries and requirements for Renewable energy projects such as Hybrid vehicles, Tidal power and alternative energy sources such as Nuclear and returnable energy.

With the manufacturing requirements and demand on subcontractors only set to rise we have continued to invest in our core services and expand our capabilities in the following ways.

In April 2016 we bought Laser cutting in-house with a Trumpf 4kw 3030 Trulaser which cemented our ability to work with our customers from the design and development stage with our in house design team, onto prototyping and testing in our Wire erosion department through too low to medium volume with Laser Cutting onto higher volume requirements within our press shop equipped with 35 presses ranging from 5T to 200T. After having the Laser cutting for just over a year we decided to make further investment around our Laser cutting services and buy a Bystronic Xpert 100/3100 CNC Pressbrake to complement our forming capabilities. The Bystronic is ideally located next to the Laser cutting machine to aid the flow of components through the business and has also expanded the type of formed component that we can offer you.

As well as investing in the Bystronic Pressbrake we have also upgraded our machinery within Wire erosion to include a CUTP 550 Agie Charmilles, this has allowed us to stay at the forefront of cutting technologies and also improve the cutting accuracy we can offer on bonded lamination stacks. As well as  a 110Tonne Seyi press to upgrade our pressing facility and extend our collection of Seyi Presses.

This continued investment has meant that we are entering 2018 with increased capacity and can offer extended secondary operations and improved lead-times as well as cost out solutions for many customers as we can offer so many services under one roof.

We would be delighted to work with you on any requirements you have to engineer the most cost-effective solution to your project.

Please just get in touch on 01303 264471 or email us on sales@hvwooding.co.uk