Requirement to manufacture Busbars for MAST upgrade

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Looking to reduce the cost of manufacture

UK Atomic Energy Authority is a UK government research organisation responsible for the development of nuclear fusion power. Requirement to manufacture Busbars for MAST upgrade.


  • Initial design complex and expensive involving Copper & Aluminium Busbars.
  • High number of component variations and material sizes.
  • Demanding Quality Assurance requiring high tolerances and material traceability.


  • Agreed technical requirements and project scope.
  • Supplied samples of Copper & Aluminium Busbars.
  • Standardised design and material specification.
  • Project managed solution – optimised material utilisation.
  • Designed and produced Flexible Busbars.

Brief description of what difference we made… immediately and longer term:

  1. Developed cost effective solution for the project and future applications.
  2. Standardisation of parts and materials.
  3. Completed project within lead-time and budget
  4. Reduced assembly time – flexible Busbars.

Added Value

  1. Significantly reducing cost of Busbars Systems by between 40% – 60% respectively.
  2. Significant reduction in ongoing cost of maintenance and spare parts achieved through standardisation.
  3. Customer benefitted by working with HV Wooding technical resource   to give substantial technical improvement.

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