Sub Assembly

HV Wooding is increasingly partnering with customers to conduct additional operations, provide complete kits or supply sub assemblies direct to line or to the customer’s warehouse.

Our advanced sub assembly facility allows our customers to outsource the assembly at low risk, and focus on their core business activities, secure in the knowledge that we will provide them with a fast, cost-effective service. Reducing inventories, part numbers and supply base saves time and effort and can also result in significant cost savings.

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Our full range of sub assembly services comprises:

Mechanical Sub Assembly

resistance welding Resistance welding
sub assembly Capacity discharge welding
Assembly Companies UK Tapping and screw insertion
Assembly Companies UK Rotary table and manual assembly
Assembly Companies UK Motor lamination assemblies – specialising in aerospace and motorsport markets

General Sub Assembly

Assembly Companies UK Cross material type assembly – metal and plastic components
Assembly Companies UK Pressed and machined components
Assembly Companies UK Finished products
Assembly Companies UK Direct to warehouse – including part marking, bar-coding and packaging to customer requirements

Busbar Sub Assembly

sub assembly Pemming – insertion of studs, nuts, helicoils etc
assembly company Sleeving – insulation materials
precision engineering Earth bar assemblies
electroplating Pre-packaged kits direct to line side/warehouse
assembley companies UK Multi type busbar assemblies

To find out how our competitive sub assembly services can add value to your business, call 01303 264471 or email sales here.