Medical Components

Accuracy and Repeatability for Medical Components

The use of wire EDM machining and wire erosion technology enables medical components to be produced to extremely high levels of accuracy and repeatability.

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HV Wooding supplies this sector with components for numerous applications, including:

wire edm machining Surgical tools
wire edm machining and wire erosion Electrodes
wire edm machining for medical components Micro implants
wire edm machining And many more…                                                                        

At HV Wooding, we can fully support new product design and development programmes and have developed a suite of techniques for cost-effective volume production.

medical components wire erosion Exceptional technical knowledge – over 25 years of wire erosion experience to call on
wire edm machining services Evolved processes for volume production
wire erosion wire edm machining Expert technical advice and demonstrations
medical wire edm machining and componenet manufacture Prototype components and tooling
wire erosion

ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 approved. FMEA / SPC

cnc machining Reverse engineering for special projects
precision engineering Company visits ­ shared know-how
advanced engineering High quality ­ metrology department with CMM and Quick Scope

To find out how our range of competitive medical component services can add value to your business, call 01303 264471 or email sales here.