Flexible Busbars

High Quality Flexible Busbar Engineering

We offer a very advanced range of Busbars that include Endless loop and Braided Busbars.

Flexible Busbars

Flexible Busbars are made by a unique endless loop system, they have many technical advantages over other styles of flexible Bars in there capability and performance. They are made from thin usually soft copper which is then wound and compressed to thickness to give the relevant cross sectional area required to carry the desired current.

Braided Busbars

Braided Busbars are generally more agricultural in nature, but do not give quite the same performance as other flexible Bars. However they can be more cost effective. These Busbars are manufactured with Copper wire which is weaved to form a braid. A tube is then attached to each end and compressed to create a connection point.

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Quick Turnarounds, Expert Manufacture

Working from your 3D drawings, our experienced technical team can help you optimise the cost and design at an early stage. We hold a full range of copper, aluminium and cuponal sizes in stock and can process up to 16mm thick by 200mm wide in lengths of up to four metres. We have also got a unique range of bespoke machinery that has been specially developed to offer you the best service at the most competitive rates.

flexible busbar supplier Over 40 years’ experience of Busbar production to high standards and specifications
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flexible busbars supplier Advanced design techniques
flexible busbars supplier ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 approved. FMEA / SPC
aluminium flexible busbar supplier On Time, Every Time 100% due date performance guarantee
braided copper busbar suppliers One-off requirements and production volumes
busbar supplier Production of complex shapes/ edge-bending capability to reduce copper usage and assembly time
busbars and busbar specialist Assembly of earth bars and insulators
braided copper busbar manufacturer or supplier In-house electroplating facility: silver, tin and zinc


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